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Bodhi Institute is a European educational centre for meditative learning. Its inspiration stems from a Dharma as found in the early strata of Buddhist texts. Over the past forty years, a growing number of people from all walks of life have been drawn to Buddhist ideas, values and practices.  With the introduction of mindfulness into healthcare, education, business and other fields, Buddhist meditation is now entering the mainstream of modern societies to an unprecedented degree.

Bodhi Institute offers an ethical and philosophical framework for those practising meditation and the Dharma in today’s world by drawing on the early teachings of the Buddha before they became codified into the doctrines of the different Buddhist traditions.

The Institute is non-sectarian and unaligned with any Buddhist orthodoxy or particular school.  While making use of modern critical scholarship, its goals are not academic.  We provide a contemplative education that inspires students to realize the values of the Dharma in the context of this secular age and culture.

Bodhi Institute is open to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, to people of any Faith or none, to those who use mindfulness for its therapeutic value as much as those for whom meditation is part of their religious practice.

Mission Statement

Bodhi Institute is an educational centre for meditative learning (suta), critical examination (cintā) and practical cultivation (bhāvanā) of the Dharma as found in the early strata of Buddhist texts. While primarily focused on the Sutta (discourses) and Vinaya (monastic training) sections of the Pali Canon, the Institute gives equal significance to comparable materials recorded in Prakrits, Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and other Asian languages.

Bodhi Institute aspires to recover core insights of Early Buddhist teachings in order to develop fresh ways of understanding the Dharma today. It seeks to provide a contemplative education that inspires students to realize the values of the Dharma in the context of this secular age and culture.

In the spirit of Buddha’s middle teaching (majjhena dhammadesanā) and his middle approach (majjhimā paipadā) Bodhi Institute is committed to a middle way of human awakening that integrates theory with practice, while encouraging both personal fulfillment and social engagement.

To this end, it offers a year-round programme of courses, workshops, lectures and colloquia, which enable students to access the rich and often untapped resources of the early texts and acquire the linguistic, hermeneutic, psychological and historical skills to understand them in ways that can be applied to contemporary needs.

Core Faculty

Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock and Akincano Weber make up the core faculty of Bodhi Institute. They are responsible for designing and planning the curriculum, teaching courses and modules, mentoring students, training prospective teachers, and inviting visiting faculty to contribute to the programme.


The curriculum at Bodhi Institute is built around the Committed Dharma Practitioners’ Programme (CDPP), a mentored two-year course of seminar and retreat modules, which has been running independently since 2009. The Institute will be formally launched in 2016, and will, in addition to the CDPP, offer courses in the following fields:

    • Buddhist Psychology
    • Training for Mindfulness Teachers (MBI)
    • Textual Studies
    • Contemporary Culture
    • Classical Languages (Pali)

The Institute’s courses are intended for those who have established a Dharma practice, as well as therapists, educators and others who use mindfulness-based approaches in their professional work.

The Bodhi Trust

Bodhi Institute will operate under the Bodhi Trust, an educational charity to be established in the UK.


While ultimately the Bodhi Institute may acquire its own property, initially it will offer its programme in rented venues.


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